Spring Delayed, More Snow

The 4 to 8 inches of snow turned into 17 INCHES OF HEAVY WET AND VERY STICKY SNOW.  It started snowing Wednesday afternoon and stopped late Friday afternoon.  “Red”, my snow-blower, had trouble going thru  this Friday.  The snow stuck to the auger blades and it was like trying to push a rolling pin thru the snow.  I quit, after fighting the machine against the snow, I was tired.  Did get most of the driveway cleared.

Saturday morning, “Red” worked beautifully, spitting that snow out like a watermelon-eating champion.  I think it was the slightly colder temperature making the snow much less sticky that did the trick.  9:00 am I’m done.

The sky was blue, the sun was strong and the melting had started with temperatures that soared. Felt like spring, didn’t look like it.  I let the ladies and Jack out, well, I opened the run door.  They didn’t exactly sprint out, more like scared chickens looking out at all that white stuff. Finally 3 of them did venture down the path.  They don’t like change and they really don’t like snow.  I’d like to tell them this is the last snow but mother nature has a sense of humor, so I dare not mention it.


animal tracks in the snow

animal tracks in the snow


Son, David, and three of my Grand-kids came over, so we had a snowball fight.  I lost.  Well, it was a tie.  It was fun.

Gabe, Grayson and Guen

Gabe, Grayson and Guen

So, I’m still looking for spring, this snow may delay it a bit.


  1. Love your site. Fun to see someone else’s chickens in the snow. Lol. Hey! No fair! You have a rooster! I wish Colorado Springs would let us have roosters!

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