Over the years, I have collected a lot of flowers and shrubs from family and friends.  My largest collection has been Irises.  Most of my Irises remind me of family and friends, some of them are no longer with us.  I have one from my Mom, not a spectacular bloom but it is from my Mom. Here are some pictures that I took this year.

My Mom's Iris

My Mom’s Iris 5/22/13

Pat and Tom   5/22/13

Pat and Tom 5/22/13

I bought this one  5/22/13
I bought this one 5/22/13

Bob's  5/22/13

Bob’s 5/22/13

Emily's  5/25/13

Emily’s 5/25/13



  1. What a great idea to remember your loved ones by the flowers they shared. We moved to our current house over 11 years ago. We closed on our old house in early April and the ground was still frozen so I could not get my perennials including the Peonies my mother had shared with me. We asked the new owners but they would not let us dig up even one of the bushes. We just found out they lost the house and told the neighbors to come get all the plants they wanted. The beautiful perennials I had planted all those years ago. Fortunately we are still friends with the neighbors so they called us and we were able to get my mother’s Peonies back. I am so grateful to have them back in my garden. There really is something very special about beautiful flowers that were given to you by a loved one. It’s as if part of them live on in the plant and smile at you each spring/summer in the form of a blossom.

  2. kathy said:

    that is very cool. Thanks, Ed.

    • You’re welcome, I didn’t know you read this.

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