Fox Attack Update

Ini is fine. End of post.

Ini is fine.  She spent 4 days living in the Big house, getting homeopathic medicine twice a day and having her wound rinsed with a homeopathic solution 4 time a day.  It was my job to hold her while my wife forced 3 tablespoons full of medicine down her throat, an eyedropper full at a time.  Took about 30 minutes each time. How many directions can a chicken move her head??

Ini in the big house after Fox attack 8/7/13

Ini in the big house after Fox attack 8/7/13

Ini laid eggs 3 of the 4 days she was in the house. She is such an amazing creature.

After the fox attack, my chickens are getting less free-range time.  I now don’t let them out until almost noon and watch them like a hawk.  Well, not as good as a hawk.  Last Tuesday, Mini was attacked by a HAWK.

I let then out just before noon and went in for lunch. I’m eating my last cookie when Jack (my rooster) starts squawking very loudly.  I find him by the side of the house but no ladies.  From the pile of logs I have that need to be split comes the squawking of one of the ladies. As I run toward the pile a HAWK takes off.  I find Mini tucked into the pile squawking her head off.  Carefully I move some logs and get her out, take her to the run and she goes up into the coop and squats down in a corner.  I then went looking for the other 4 hens, can’t find them anywhere, there is a small pile of feathers by the wood pile but no ladies.  After a while Jack shows up with 3 of them, I’m missing Mo. She finally comes out of hiding, they are all safe.  Mini did come out later in the day and join everyone. She doesn’t have any wounds that we can see and is out acting like a chicken.

After the fox attack I was asked if I was rethinking my decision to free-range. Wasn’t then, I am now.  Plans are being made to increase the run from 72 square feet to 288 square feet. They can’t help it, they just taste like chicken.


  1. So glad to hear that Ini is ok. And now a hawk?! No wonder you are rethinking free ranging. You are right..they do taste like chicken and I guess that attracts a lot of predators. Which is a little scary. Patti

  2. Hooray for Ini and Mini. Boo for foxes and hawks.

    I was always a little nervous of foxes but, because of your post about Ini and because I spotted a fox on the farm in the middle of the day, my chooks now only free range if I’m with them in the garden. It’s just too scary. They have a huge run (10 metres by 40 metres) for 3 chooks so they aren’t suffering but I know they miss the freedom of the wide open.

    Their bad luck to taste like chicken.

    • That is a huge run, do you have a top for it, screening or something??

      • Absolutely. We have bird netting to keep the predators out. There is one small problem, the netting is still in its packaging in the workshop (oops). It’s moving up the to-do list as a result of reading your post!

  3. Oh no! I am glad all the birds are ok but sorry to hear of more predator problems. Hawks and owls are what worries me the most at our farm. With our fence and the livestock protection dog I think most ground predators will not see it as opportune enough. I don’t know if the dog is aware of aerial predators nor how he would react to them.

    • Lil, my wife is moving up her timetable to get a dog. Hopefully this will provide some more protection to the flock.

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