Long Over Due Updates

I have TOO many things going on in my world, somethings have shifted to a lower rung.  My blogging is one of them, to my 3 faithful followers I apologize. I will try to update how my garden has been doing first.

These pictures were taken on July 28th, I meant to post sooner, just didn’t get to it. My gardens have suffered from lack of attention also, the weeds are larger than the tomato plants.

I harvested my garlic on July 28th and as usual it was very successful.

Garlic harvest 7/28/13

Garlic harvest 7/28/13

Beets needed to be thinned, this is a second planting, the first planting did not survive.  So this planting is in the other garden. (I have 2 main vegetable gardens on each side of the driveway).

Beets needing to be thinned

Beets needing to be thinned

This is old news now BUT back in July is was BIG.  I have ripe tomatoes.  I don’t have any pictures of my Black Cherry Tomatoes because I eat them before I’m out of the garden.  Maybe later on when there are more of them.

First tomato  8/28/13

First tomato 7/28/13

I also have tomato worms.

First Tomato worm 7/28/13

First Tomato worm 7/28/13

My first planting of lettuce has gone to seed and I have pulled them, maybe I planted too many, the wheelbarrow is pretty full.

Pulled bolted Lettuce 7/28/13

Pulled bolted Lettuce 7/28/13

I did get a picture of my Black Cherry Tomatoes. Actually this was my salad last week.



I missed 1 of the tomato worms and didn’t go looking for him until I noticed not only chewed leaves but the actual stocks of the plant were being eaten.  Found him.

Big Guy,  8/14/13

Big Guy, 8/14/13

That’s the update on the garden. Next post will be Ini’s update.

This is one of the things that I have been busy with, it challenged me and was a joy to work on.  It is a free-standing cabinet made in Walnut and Carpathian Elm Burl.  Very pleased with how it turned out.DSCF0002




    • Thanks, every once in a while something comes out right.

  1. I agree with pattigail – love the cabinet. But if you’re looking for real beauty, that tomato bug wins hands down. What a monster!

    • Thanks for the laugh, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I gave the worm to the chickens thinking it was big enough to share. No, it was chicken tag and the winner got the worm.

      • I absolutely love watching my chickens play that game of tag. I’m positive they all expend more energy than the winning chicken will get by eating the special treat worth fighting for. Why didn’t evolution teach them that low-cal worms aren’t worth racing about? Yogurt, now that’s something else entirely – even I can see its attraction, but monster worms????

  2. Oh my goodness! That cabinet is beautiful! My husband has the gift of working with wood as well, I wish he had more time to pursue it. Maybe when we are retired? :-). That tomato worm is crazy huge. That is one benefit of our climate – no ginormous worms.

    • Thanks. I didn’t think farmers retired, there is just so much to do everyday. Sorry you don’t have “ginormous worms” maybe I can ship you some, I’ll call UPS in the morning.

    • Yes it is. They blend in so well that they are very hard to find. After all these years of having a garden and growing tomatoes, I have no idea if the horn on the back of this worm will hurt me. I might have to google it. I went to your blog and sat back and counted my blessings, you will be in my thoughts.

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