Fool me once, shame on thee, Fool me twice, shame on me.

I let the chickens out yesterday at noon, went in and had my lunch, then checked on the chickens and went back in.  Then they started squawking.  My wife and I ran out, a fox had one of the girls, Miny, pinned to the ground.  We must have scared the fox enough because Miny broke free.  I then was down from the deck, saw 2 chickens running behind the run with the fox right behind.  I started screaming and running after them.  The fox didn’t seem to care that this mad-man was closing in on him.  He finally turned and saw me but just trotted off keeping ahead of me. He’s gone into the woods, I’m trying to catch my breath and waiting for my heart to stop pounding.

I can’t take this DRAMA.  So, the chickens are in lock-down.  I’ve been very lucky, 3 recent attacks and everyone is still here.  BUT, I need to be much more protective.  I am about to go from being known as “that guy down the street that has chickens” to ” that crazy guy down the street that stands watch over his chickens with a pitchfork in his hands”.  I’ve been called worse.

Miny is fine, lost some feathers.  I think I lost a couple of years off my life.


P.S.  Why didn’t Jack attack the fox??  I thought that was his job.  He does sound the alarm but rescuing the fair damsel, not so much.

  1. Oh no! How awful. But good that it did not get any of them. I wonder why the rooster didn’t attack? I have always heard they attack predators. Sorry your chickens have become the target of a fox that won’t give up!

  2. Darn you. Stop it! I can’t stand these posts. I have to jump up and check my girls whenever I read one.

    My girls will never free range again. They have a fantastic run and seem happy in it. We throw in lots of green (I call ’em weeds, they call ’em yummy) every day to top up their diet and to battle any boredom that might set in. They are safe (I really have to put up that bird netting) from foxes but not so much pets any more – they can’t follow me around and try to sneak in the house to visit me 😦 At least they are alive!

    • Sorry!! But actually you should be thanking me for all of that exercise, “have to jump up” and all of the extra attention that the girls get “check my girls”. I’m not happy that these are my posts, especially since I let it happen again.

  3. That fox will be back. He wants one of your girls. I think their free range days may be over.😢 Do roosters attack predators? I think sounding the alarm is what they do….defend against other roosters? Maybe. In any case, how scary for you..not to mention the girls. Foxes are beautiful creatures, but they like chicken way too much!

    • This fox is not a beautiful creature, kind of mangy looking. I’m not sure if the fox is just young and malnourished or old and sickly. It’s fur isn’t a healthy color. You were kinder to your trapped hawk than I would be to my fox. The ladies just squawk at me to let them out. I let them out for just an hour and a half last night, I had the time to stand guard with my pitchfork.

  4. My girls are still not back in their run either. I am totally redoing it. And they seem to have forgotten all about the hawk and are very insistent about going out to the bigger run. Constant squawking. But they will have to wait. I do not want them becoming dinner for anyone!

  5. The kids would be very upset if one of the chickens wasn’t there the next time we visit. If you need any help with expanding the run – let me know and I’ll be happy to come by.

    • I’ll take you up on your offer to help.
      Thanks, Dad

  6. You and your chickens were very lucky. There’s nothing worse than losing a flock to a predator.. and the clean-up is heartbreaking. They may not lay eggs for while, the shock of a near attack usually slows or even stops egg production. Confined birds are still happy, now is a great time to expand, might even be fun! 🙂

    • I agree, very lucky. Egg production hasn’t really changed much. My confined birds are not happy, they grumble every time I walk by their run. I will enjoy expanding the run, when I can find the time to do it. Life gets in the way of things I want to do.

      • Tell me it… just don’t get living and life mixed up friend.

  7. Have only just caught up with this post. Good on you for being the madman with the pitchfork but yes, ian afraid I would also put them in a run. So sad isn’t it.

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