Broody Hen follow-up and other stuff

Jasmine went broody July 2nd,  We tried ice packs and then just pushed her out of the nesting box.  She would stay out for a while and then run back in.  She lost a lot of weight and her comb is a sick looking pale pink, not the red that it was.  After 40 days of this I decided after everyone else has laid their egg for the day, I would push Jasmine out and close up the coop.   This worked. Or, she was just ready to stop. She was broody till August 18th, 48 days.  She is now eating better and not broody BUT, she is molting.  Jack had destroyed many of her feathers so this should be a good thing, but, she isn’t laying yet.  She needs to produce feathers not eggs at this point.

Broody and molting, two more things, I didn’t know about.  CHICKENS!!!

August 4th was the First anniversary of our first egg. Care of Jasmine.  The total number of eggs produced from our 5 hens for the year is……………..1675.  That is a lot of eggs.

I posted a mystery flower picture,, in this post and no one made any guesses.  With that success I will do it again.  Anybody know what this flower is?



I made a very short video of Ini when she was in the big house after the fox attack but I don’t know how to post it.  Will ask for help and try again later.

I don’t always read all of the information about things, like directions or seed descriptions.  I ordered an organic cucumber seed this year called Silver slicer or something like that.  Well, after cucumbers started to form I wondered if they were alright, they didn’t look right.  So I went back and read the seed description.  This is what they look like.

Silver cucumbers and one regular pickling cucumber.

Silver cucumbers and one regular pickling cucumber.

They taste fine.  I made my cold cucumber soup with them.  These leeks, the first of the year, were also used in the soup recipe.

Leeks 8/21/13

Leeks 8/21/13

I got a late start with my squash seedlings this year and didn’t know if I would get any.  The summer squash didn’t do very well, two Patti pan squashes and no others. But my pumpkin and Butternut squash look real promising.

Butternut  8/21/13

Butternut 8/21/13

Pumpkin 8/21/13

Pumpkin 8/21/13

That’s enough for now.


  1. Silver cukes – the point being???? I guess that’s what they looked like before they were bred to have green skins? Or is that better in a hot climate since it reflects the heat? Or probably just one of nature’s many variations.

    No idea about the flower – I struggle with daffodils so I’m really not the person to ask (though after a few years on this farm, I hope to be a lot better).

    My chooks have never gone broody and didn’t really have a moult. When I was selecting the breed I picked the Isa Brown because I was told they were one of the most affectionate. As an aside I was told they rarely, if ever, got broody. That was the first I realised broodiness was something to be feared. Glad yours made it through.

    • I don’t know what the point is. They taste like a cucumber, not bitter so far, they just look different.
      The mystery flower didn’t float very well. The first mystery flower, the white lacy one, is from my elderberry plant. This is a wild plant that I transplanted about 2 years ago. Sour berries and small but does make a tasty jelly. The flower in this post is a sweet potato flower from my sweet potato container hanging off of my deck.
      I think “feared” is too strong a word, her natural hormones are causing her to act this way and she should be watched. When the other 4 ladies go broody I will have a better idea of what to expect. There is always something with the chickens.

  2. It is so ironic that I read blog after blog of people trying to unbroody their hens, even to the point of putting them in the stew pot. And here we sit desperately wanting a broody hen so we don’t have to use the incubator for our breeding program. Such is life.
    And sorry but I know nothing about flowers.

    • I never considered the stew pot solution. She lost weight so quickly you would have to act quickly or there wouldn’t be much stew. Besides we named them, they are spoiled pets, the stew pot is not a option. Be careful with that “desperately wanting”, the gods have a sense of humor.
      I don’t know if it is you or me but one of us is too far away to set up a broody hen lending program.

  3. Maybe you could make that broody hen useful! Fertile eggs are almost always available for sale on craigslist, at least you get something for your aggravation. Sell the chicks and buy a bag of feed!

    • This could be one of those “slippery-slopes”. I think my eggs are probably fertile, so that’s not a problem. Would there be customers for the chicks?? Could I or my wife part with those cute little fuzzballs?? What if I ended up with more Jacks (Jack is our rooster)?? No the aggravation wasn’t that bad. Maybe if all 5 ladies were to go broody at the same time the aggravation would increase.

      • I always worry about finding homes for my hens and roosters… why why why, they always are all gone the very first day. Chicks should be even easier to place!

  4. James said:

    48 days? An egg takes 21 days from being laid to hatching and so the broody cycle should not last much beyond this time! I surprised that you did not see any benefit from using ice packs as these help to lower the body temperature (and a higher body temperature is a pivotal part of being “broody”.) Is she molting or has she plucked these feathers out herself?

    • I don’t know why she brooded so long, this is my first experience with a broody hen. I was wondering if each time I pushed her off the nest if her clock didn’t reset. Or, she needed some kind of stimulus from hatching eggs and baby chicks to stop her brooding. I just don’t know. The ice packs didn’t seem to work, maybe I wasn’t as persistent about using them as I should have. I’m pretty sure she is molting as she is growing a lot of new feathers. We are still learning.

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