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I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t get my squash plants started early enough this year and didn’t know if I would have a long enough growing season for them to produce.  The summer squash were all a disappointment.  I got a couple of patty pan squash but no yellow or zucchini.

I did wonder if getting the plants in so late if I would miss out on the vine-borers.  I had heard that if you are late enough you miss the egg laying cycle.  I didn’t miss it, still had the borers.  Fortunately the butternut isn’t  as effected by the borer.

Well fall is coming, my butternut and pumpkin vines have all succumbed to a leave blight or mold of some kind.  This is what I got.



Not too bad.  Does anyone know if the pumpkins will continue turning orange now that they are off of the vine??

In the picture, bottom right side is one of my 3 melons.  It didn’t look too good on the outside, some rotten places.  So I brought it over near the chicken coop figuring to cut it open for them.

melon  9/16/13

melon 9/16/13


DSCF0004 Looks pretty good.

sorry it's a little fuzzy, tasted OK.

sorry it’s a little fuzzy, tasted OK.

I did give my chickens the seeds.  My wife and I ate melon with supper.



The run expansion is finished.

I put 2″ X 3″ wire fencing on the top of the run, it came with black plastic coating.  I don’t know if the hawks will see the fencing or just look through it.  If they try to fly through it, well , should be interesting.

I dug a trench around the chain link dog run sections and wired 3′ wide chicken wire 18″ up on the chain link and 18″ into the trench.  Then I partially filled the trench with small rocks ( New England grows small rocks and I have a pile that I have collected over the years) before filling in the rest with dirt.  This should discourage any digging under by predators.  This is why I am sore, ditch digging is for younger people.  I dug about 45 feet of trench.

The 2 doors, one on the original run and the one on the expanded run latch at the same place roughly, where the 2 sections are 90 degrees to each other.  So when you open both doors out and hook them together opened, they form a chain link wall allowing the chickens to roam from the old run into the new run without getting loose.  This will allow us to separate the chickens or introduce new chickens in a controlled way.  I already locked them in the expanded run while I cleaned out the old run.  Worked great.    I placed a salvaged wire mesh for a top over this and we are done.

2 X 3s holding up the wire fencing on the top of the run

2 X 3s holding up the wire fencing on the top of the run

trenching with rocks and chicken wire
trenching with rocks and chicken wire

completed section

completed section



in the background you can see how the doors are when opened.

in the background you can see how the doors are when opened.



After the fox and hawk attacks on my chickens, I’ve started with the run expansion.  This will give the ladies and Jack more space since they aren’t getting the free-range time that they used to.

September 5th 2013

September 5th 2013

The left side with the door is the original run, the chickens are all in the new run exploring.

From the side.

From the side.

I still have to put fencing over the top and bury chicken wire in the ground all the way around, then it will be secure.

But it is a good start.



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