A Good Start

After the fox and hawk attacks on my chickens, I’ve started with the run expansion.  This will give the ladies and Jack more space since they aren’t getting the free-range time that they used to.

September 5th 2013

September 5th 2013

The left side with the door is the original run, the chickens are all in the new run exploring.

From the side.

From the side.

I still have to put fencing over the top and bury chicken wire in the ground all the way around, then it will be secure.

But it is a good start.



  1. Looks good! I hope this will solve your predator issues when it is done. You don’t need anymore close calls.
    We just had coyotes come through the property about ten minutes ago. The farm dog herded all the chickens, sheep, and cow and calf into the barn and coop. That dog is worth his weight in gold. Our chickens wouldn’t get to free range if he weren’t here. Predators are a constant struggle.
    But it looks like they wont be a struggle for you anymore, so that is good!

    • Thank you, I don’t think our predator issue is ever solved. Your dog is amazing, my wife is actively looking for a dog now, my replacement for next summer. I still let them run when I can stand watch over them, it is so calming watching them scratch and peck in the yard and more so in the deep leaves in the woods. They just seam so happy and doing what nature intended them to do.

  2. Oh your girls look so happy. This is a great big space – not the wide open world they dream of perhaps, but plenty of room to roam AND be safe. Well done!

    • Thanks Laura, they do seam happy in the larger run but still want the run of the yard. I try to let them up for at least an hour before sundown each day. Now they expect that. I also need to get them more greens in the run now that they aren’t grazing as much as they were.

  3. Wow! Very professional looking! The fox will be sad…..and once the fencing is on the top the hawks can circle all they want and the ladies and Jack will still be safe. It does seem like a full time job keeping predators out! They do look happy exploring.😊

    • It looks professional because I am using discarded dog run sections. All of them I salvaged from our town recycling area. I am grumbling about having to buy more fencing for the top and bottom but my ladies and Jack deserve a safe run. I wish they would dig the trench around the run for the chicken wire, that would help. I did get the fencing on the top with the help of my wife yesterday. I was wondering if the hawk would see the fencing or look through it, could be a big surprise.

      • I should have mentioned much earlier that my son David helped with the setting up of all of the dog run pieces. Actually we had to take down the pieces and move them before we set them up.
        Thanks Dave

  4. I am so very glad that New Zealand doesn’t have any predators. We do however have hawks but I haven’t had an attack yet. I think I am just outside the range of the local hawk’s patch and we have trees as cover. There is no open ground where the girls (and George) range. My neighbours farm does lose chickens to hawks though as they are right in the hawks patch and have open farmland.
    Your poor girls (and Jack)

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