I’m Certifiable.

Some people know this about me already.  Now I’m putting it into my blog.  Is it because I have children?  grandchildren?  a wife?  an ex-wife?  a blog?  chickens?  any one of those could do it to a person.  Except the wife.  I won’t be planting a garden next year, I’m going for “a walk in the woods”.

My plan is to be on top of Springer Mt.  Georgia, March 26, 2014 and to start walking north to Mt. Katahdin, Maine.  The Appalachian Trail.  2150 miles,  estimated time to complete, 6 months.

See, I’m certifiable.

I’ve been on this planet too many years for this to be a mid-life crisis so it must be a bucket-list item or a transition into semi or full retirement.  I just don’t know.  I hope to blog about my trek and have set up a new blog for this.  I didn’t like the idea of making this blog “mygardenmychickensmyhike”.   So my new blog is at   http://myhike2014.wordpress.com/.  I have been following blogs of this years thru-hikers and my absolute favorite is Karma on the trail.  You can get to her blog by clicking on her link in my blogs I follow column.


  1. Wow! That is really exciting. Have you read the Bill Bryson account of his “walk in the woods”? And your wonderful wife will take care of the ladies and Jack? And you won’t need to come back and check on your “kingdom”? I have always liked the idea of walking the Appalachian Trail…I hope the reality is as nice as the idea. I will definitely be following your adventures. This will give you lots to plan this winter. Good luck!

    • Bill Bryson’s book is one I own that I will not lend out. I have read it many times.
      Lil will be taking care of the ladies and Jack, plus, she is looking for a puppy to replace me. She is going to be busy.
      Nothing is set in stone yet and for most long hikes long range plans never go as planned. I will come home for my granddaughters high school graduation and plan to come home when (that is if) I get to the Mass pike.
      I won’t get this quote right, but Spock said something like “it is not logical but having is not nearly as good as wanting”, the idea and the reality might be very different.
      Thanks for the good luck, I might need it.

  2. Oh no, you’re doing what? Are you certifiable? Oh, I see you’ve figured that part out all by your self 🙂

    I told my hubby and his first reaction was “who will take care of the chooks?” I assumed your better half was saner than you and told him she’d keep the home fires burning and the feed in the troughs.

    Hubby is going to leave me for 5 weeks in Dec/Jan this year to do a long walk. 1000 kms in Western Australia called the Bibbulmun track. He (and 2 friends) will spend days and days away from phone coverage, grocery stores and a real bed between small towns where they can re-stock. I thought he was nuts. The good news for him is you’ve redefined nuts so maybe I need to cut him some slack. Nah, you’re both certifiable.

    What’s wrong with indoor plumbing?

    • Hubby isn’t nuts, he’s doing something he wants to do. Tell him if the 5 weeks doesn’t work out to be long enough to meet me on top of Springer Mt. Georgia on March 26th with his pack.
      I love indoor plumbing, when it works right.

      • I will NOT tell him any such thing. Gosh, how scary. We’re actually going to be in the US to celebrate my father’s 80th birthday on 23 March. If he knows he could catch a short flight to the Appalachians and trek for weeks/months (is years too long?) he’d be stalking you in a flash. You can thank me later 🙂

        To me your trek is like climbing a mountain because it’s there. I just don’t get it. But I’ve see the light in hubby’s eyes over the past 2 years when he and this friend dreamed about the Bib (as it’s known by the inner sanctum) and I know it’s real. When the day finally arrived to commit, he wasn’t sure – I think because he worried about leaving me. Total hog wash. So I got online and found him flights and twisted his arm until he gave in and made the leap (okay, I didn’t have to twist very hard). Honestly, I’m more comfortable with this than I was when he helped another friend deliver a boat from Malaysia to Australia – there might be snakes along his trek but surely no cyclones! What is it with some guys and adventure? Hubby and I did an 8 month camping trip around Australia (no indoor plumbing) but we drove a CAR (heard of those?) and kept our walks to nice strolls around campsites.

    • I didn’t know you had cars down under. I thought you had wagons pulled by kangaroos.

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