Warm and Sunny

We have been rather COLD, not like Willow Creek, but unusually cold for New England.  So this warm 50 degree air and mostly sunny day was most enjoyable.   Yup, I went outside.  Looked at my 2 main gardens.

December 20,2013 snow covered garden

December 20,2013 snow covered garden


Let the chickens out for the first time since it snowed.  I tried to let them out the other day but they were not going out in the snow.  They didn’t have much bare ground to scratch at but they seemed happy to be out and warm.

December 20, 2013 chickens out in the yard

December 20, 2013 chickens out in the yard

I took advantage of the nice day and cleaned the run and coop.

loading the old shavings into the wheelbarrow

loading the old shavings into the wheelbarrow

Lastly, here is the chicken swing in the run extension.

chicken swing waiting for spring

chicken swing waiting for spring

  1. It hit 42 C here yesterday (108 F) and my poor chickens probably spent the day dreaming of snow (or they would have if they had any idea what that messy stuff was). I ran a sprinkler for them for a few minutes a couple of times during the day. They hate the “rain” but enjoy digging in the damp soil afterwards and I’m sure the evaporative cooling drops the temp in their run.

    I might just print out your photo of the chicken swing and hang it in my chook’s run to see if it helps them deal with the heat 🙂

    Enjoy your “warm” weather – feel free to steal some of my warmth, I’ve got plenty to go around.

    • Is this 108 F typical? This is early in your summer no? Will it go higher for longer? Our coldest was -3 F one night. Today is another mild one a lot of the snow is melting.
      Is hubby hiking?

      • Global Warming really sucks when you live where I do. 108F didn’t used to be typical at this time of year but it’s our 4th (or more?) day this season over 100. We had a heat wave in October if you can believe it. We’re breaking all kinds of records. The garden really struggles. It’s not just people who don’t like it hot, you should see my chard and pineapple lillies and eggplants and avocadoes and… no, you shouldn’t. It’s sad.

        I read -3 and thought “that’s not too bad” then saw the “F”. That’s waaaaayyyy too cold for my taste. But -3 or plus 106, both mean it’s no fun to go out and play in the garden.

        Hubby officially started hiking yesterday. He flew out to meet up with the 2 guys he’s hiking with on Thursday and they caught a lift to their starting point yesterday morning. I’ve received my first text message from his GPS device (Spot tracker – and he may not care much about it but I love it) and am updating my google map accordingly. He’s hiking along the southern ocean at for the first couple of weeks so he shouldn’t have too much heat to worry about, but when he turns north, Lordy, he might just sizzle into a pile of goo. Have I mentioned I think he’s nuts?

        BTW, just in case you’re interested, Hubby’s pack weighed 9 kilos (20 pounds) without food or water. That’s pretty light in comparison to what the others are carrying and a lot less than 1/4 his body weight which I’ve read is a good upper limit. How heavy is your pack looking?

      • Yes Laura, you have mentioned that you think your husband is nuts. I believe that you also put that label on myself.
        Sounds like he packed right. I still will need cold weather gear for my start. I don’t have any idea what my pack will weigh. If they ever get around to it, I will be elected President of the Procrastinators of America Club. I still have much gear to get. I have my tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and packback at a combined weight of 10 pounds. That is a good start. I’m hoping my world slows down a little after the holidays and I can devote large blocks of time to my hike prep.

      • What,me call you nuts? Uh, yeah!!!

        Sorry, the role as pres of Procastinators United is filled by my hubby, you’ll have to settle for VP. he did zero prep because our friend did all the organising. Another friend brought over the GPS thingy and a great back pack. Two days before his flight my hubby did a trial pack which was the extent of his preparedness. He’s not taking a tent as there are shelters spaced a day’s hike apart. Failing that, he is sleeping under the stars. If it rains, he has a large garbage bin bag to slide into. Now,am I right? Is he nutty as a fruitcake?

      • In all honesty, your husband sounds like someone I could easily relate to. I did read a bit of advise on hiking the AT, “don’t over plan your hike, let it happen, the surprises will add to the experience” or something like that. I’m more worried about hypothermia than I am turning into a sizzling pile of goo. He’ll be fine send him some water.

  2. Oh boy, don’t get me started on water. I’ve been on hikes with Hubby in really hot, dry regions (I won’t call them deserts but I think they may easily slip into that category) and he’s wanted to carry 1/2 litre of water for us to share. I’ve complained and he explains we have 2 oranges which is the same as carrying extra water. Honestly? Luckily this appears to be something his hiking buddies insisted on, they each have to carry 3 litres of water (the track website says 3-4). Hubby was rolling his eyes and I pointed out that they are carrying dried food and so may need to have water to make meals and that maybe one of the rainwater tanks scattered about every 15- 20 kilometres might be empty if the valve is faulty or something and that he really just needs to get over his water phobia (I know, I know, it’s HEAVY).

    In all seriousness, I do like the advice not to over plan, I’m sure you may hike longer some days and on others, you’ll stop and smell the roses (or wade in a creek). And if you get a bit cold or wet or thirsty or hot or bug bitten or sun burnt or…, you’re a big boy and can no doubt hold out for a couple of days until you pass another hiker or get someplace where you can buy a new pair of socks. Don’t be so worried about a bit of discomfort on the days when things go against you that you’re unable to enjoy the days that are going for you – they’ll outweigh the bad ones by a mile.

    Yep, you’re both nuts (and apparently among a large group of nutty hiking enthusiasts) but I’m horribly jealous of your ability to do something so insane and really enjoy it. Just not jealous enough to consider it for even a moment!

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