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All of you chicken people and all of you people who cook at home, you have got to watch this video.




Not a lot going on here in the garden.  The seasons seed catalogs have arrived. But, since I’m not planting a garden this year, I haven’t even looked through them.

Egg production for the calendar year 2013 was 1601 eggs produced from my 5 ladies.  That’s 4.38 eggs per day average .  They are amazing creatures.

My chickens have a pretty good life for chickens.  But, they do not have a heated coop.  There is a light bulb in a cement block under their water in the coop that keeps their water from freezing.  It probably adds some heat to the coop.  This last cold blast brought outside temperatures of -12 degrees F.  It was 5 degrees F inside the coop.  I have an electronic thermometer mounted on a wall in their coop.  Everyone survived, with no signs of frostbite.  I didn’t let them out of the coop all day, it was just bitterly cold.   If I open the coop/run door the temperature in the coop drops quickly.  I’m happy to report they are out in the covered run today with half a cabbage to peck at.


looking into the covered run

looking into the covered run


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