Naked Chickens

I would like to report that none of our chickens are wearing “saddles”.  The bare spots that Jack has caused the ladies have filled in with new feathers and they are all looking good.


collard greens hung on a wire

collard greens hung on a wire

The ladies have been very consistent with their egg production averaging better than 4 eggs per day from five hens. Until this year, For the month of January they averaged less than 3 eggs per day and February is looking the same.  I have had one day this year that I got 4 eggs.  All of the other days have been 3, 2, or 1.  They are approaching their 2nd birthday, we think 2 of them were going through a molt and it has been a little cold around here. Maybe they are just on strike because they don’t get to free-range as much.  With this last snow they won’t leave their run if we opened it.  Our chickens are spoiled and as such we will keep them and feed them and care for them even if they aren’t laying as many eggs.



  1. You give me hope that Henny might one day get feathers again. He back is totally devoid of feathers and has been since November. Her shoulders are getting more naked (and red and raw) every day. Her saddle protects her back but I haven’t braved attaching wing flaps and I’m not sure if I want to. It’s such a pain – I’m sure literally for her. What’s strange is our rooster Lenny is clearly causing the damage but I see him raping (yes, there’s no other word for it) Penny more often than Henny and she’s fully feathered. Maybe Henny has sensitive follicles. Maybe Henny is Lenny’s night-time companion and so I don’t see what he’s doing to her.

    It’s hot, hot, hot here now and I worry that maybe Henny’s saddle (made of denim) makes it harder for her to cool down but I’m more worried that it will not be warm enough come winter. And if she does grow feathers, do I remove the saddle then watch Lenny baldenize (no such word, but what is the word?) her again?

    I can hear your wife now, “never get a rooster”. Truer words were never spoken.

    • I think you are looking for “defeather” maybe not , spell check didn’t like it. I don’t have an answer to your heat problems. We think that now that everyone is almost 2 years old that they are better at the mating thing. The new feathers are holding up well. I’m glad to be done with the saddles, I never was sure if they helped or not but Lil took care of all of that and everyone now is feathered. It’s good because it has been very cold here.
      How did hubby do?? Or are they still looking for a sizzling puddle of goo ??

  2. Defeather doesn’t describe the utter plucked-chickenness of Henny’s back. Lenny defeathers the back of her neck but definitely baldenizes her back.

    Hubby LOVED his trek. The 2 guys he was with struggled a bit and took a break mid-hike (hiked to the nearest road, flagged down a passing driver and caught a lift to the next town) but Hubby trudged on and on including spending 3 days totally alone crossing one other hiker but otherwise it was just him and trees. Because of the time constraints he only made 600 kms but he admits he could have done the full 1000 kms if he’d planned to continue after his fellows had to leave. I asked if he could actually hike more or less “forever” and he said he probably could. He lost heaps of weight and went from thin to 6-pack in 5 weeks. He also got pretty darned tired of rice (they ate mainly dehydrated curry meals that the other blokes had been cooking then drying in advance of the hike). But he loved the quiet time in nature, hiking with just your thoughts (3 blokes in the bush apparently spread out on a hike and talk very little) and thankfully the temp only reached 105 twice and only topped 100 for about 5 days, otherwise it was warm, dry and perfect for his hike.

    The good news is he doesn’t seem to mind returning to the real world and chores on the farm so I don’t think he’s going to walk out of my life and into the wood any time soon.

    How go your preparations?

    • “baldenizes” Most of the new words these days have to do with technology, I like baldenizes but I don’t think it will catch on in the real world.
      Sounds like hubby had a great experience, he is still welcome to meet me on top of Springer Mt, March 26-27th.
      With 45 days to go till I leave, I’m getting a LITTLE JITTERY. Over all things are going well, I’m finishing up the “what do I wear to hike, to sleep and to camp” so the next biggy is food boxes to send to trail towns. I’m doing my thinking for the whole trail but I’m concentrating the planning on the first third. How bad can it be???

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