chicken feed

My chickens are spoiled, pampered and have a pretty good deal here.  Well, I think so.  I try to set up feeders and think of ways to keep the treats that the ladies and Jack get  from getting dirty.  I wouldn’t want to eat my treats off of the ground.  They love watermelon on a hot day just as I do.  Have you ever seen  watermelon that has just been thrown into the run ??  It is quickly covered in dirt, a dark brown mess.

Corn on the cob is very much the same, it quickly becomes a dark brown mess.  To fix this I stuck 4 short dowels into a short slab of pine, drill a hole into the end of the corn cobs and slide them onto the dowels.  The ladies love it.  They pick them clean.

corn cob feeder  6/13

corn cob feeder 6/13

I’m trying to grow turnips for the first time this year.  I’ve grown rutabagas with limited success in the past and they are pretty much the same thing.  I plant a lot of different things but not a lot of one thing.  So I thinned my turnips to 10 plants and they were doing well.  Then one of them started to wilt and then another.  I dug them up and the root was eaten into a honey comb by ants.  I’m trying DE (diatomaceous earth) sprinkled around the plants to see if this will get rid of the ants.

young turnip eaten by ants 6/13

young turnip eaten by ants 6/13



After a very nice soaking rain Friday night into Saturday this was on my garage door.  It was 4 inches long.  I didn’t have it for breakfast Saturday morning but after my ladies (chickens) played a round of keep-a-way with it, they turned it into a Sunday morning egg.

4 inch long slug

4 inch long slug

Sweet potato update;  I have 6 or more slips growing nicely on my sweet potato.  Will probably cut some of the larger ones off this week and either pot them of stand them in water till they grow some roots.

sweet potato slips  4/21/13

sweet potato slips 4/21/13



My wonderful wife has arranged to pick up discarded produce at our local “Whole Foods”  store once-a-week.  The ladies and Jack do love their greens, I need a better way to store them because they do wilt in the cellar over the week.  She brought home a lot of those baby cut carrots (organic) one time and I have been shredding them in the food processor. They eat a soup bowl full in a day.

This is the box she came home with this afternoon.


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