Jasmine yells, “Everychicken into the coop for a group meeting – I got a response to our letter!”

As the chickens all gathered around, Jamine began to read the response…

Dear Ini, Mini, Miny and Jack & Jasmine”.

What about me?”, asked Mo indignantly.

They are retired. I am sure it was just an oversight.”

(“or because you’re Stinky…”), said Miny under her breath.

Hey, THAT wasn’t ME!” said Mo even more indignant.

Jasmine continued, “We would be delighted to have you join us in North Carolina.”

There was an eruption of cheers and crows from the group.

Shh – there’s more.” as Jasmine turned the page.

P.S. Don’t these recipes look delicious??!

What’s a recipe?”, asked Mo.

I think it has to do with these pictures. I recognize the greens and the grains and I think that is fruit…but what’s THAT?”, wondered Jasmine.

Oh wait, there’s a caption. Hmm, “Basil, Peach Chi…Chi (gulp)…Chicken Breast’ and – oh my, ‘Buttermilk-Brined Grilled Chicken’.”

There was an audible gasp among the group as they realized an unthinkable thought.

Do you mean to say our Chicken Sitters who are moving to North Carolina EAT Chickens?”, asked Mo as her eyes almost popped out of her head.

They seemed like such a nice couple”, said Ini, shaking her head.

Jack chimed in, “Maybe it’s not so bad here after all. Maybe we should stay”

Yeah, we have survived 4 snow storms and I am sure there won’t be any more.”, chirped Mini.

All in favor of staying?”, asked Jasmine.

Six wings immediately shot up.

Meanwhile, on the big house TV…

Ch.5 meteorologist here. It’s gonna be another snow storm tonight! Hunker down. Don’t let the calendar fool you. It may say “spring starts Wednesday” but we are in the 4-8” belt…”


Jasmine took a quick look out back from her perch on the deck and whispered to Mo ” sssh, quiet now, follow me into the house while Jack and our sisters keep Mom and Dad occupied.”

“How are we going to get into the house?” asked Mo.

“Dad was the last one out and Mom says he never closes any door, ever.” replied Jasmine, ” See, the door isn’t latched. Now we go upstairs to the computer-room.”

“How do you know it’s upstairs?” asked Mo.

Jasmine sighs and says “when Mom comes home she goes on the computer and the second floor left window light comes on.  That has got to be the computer-room.”

Mo nods and asks “what’s a computer?”

Jasmine rolls her eyes and under her breath says (“what a bird brain”)

“I heard that” says Mo.

The pair waddle into the computer-room, Jasmine jumps up onto the desk and pecks the computer on button.  Moving the mouse with her right foot, she starts using the old fashioned “Hunt and Peck ” method of typing.

dear john and nancy,

our dearest neighbors and favorite chicken sitters, we hear you are moving to north carolina and were wondering if you could please take us with you.  The weather here is for the birds, it’s too cold, we don’t like the snow and that storm, the one they called a blizzard was the last straw.

we promise not to poop in your car as long as we can get potty breaks every 15 minutes or so,   ( mo really has a control problem) . we will be good chickies, you won’t even know we are in the back seat.

yours in feathers

ini, mini, miny, mo, jack and jasmine

Mo just looks amazed as she watches her sister at the computer. “How did you learn this stuff?” she asks.

“I found a “Computers for dummies” book in the recycling bin.  I think it was too advanced for Dad, he now has a copy of the “Idiot’s guide to computers” and doesn’t seem to be progressing very quickly through it.” replies Jasmine.

“Right, whats a book?”

(“what a bird brain”)

“I heard that”

“All done” says Jasmine “turn on the printer.”

“Right, whats a printer??”

“Just peck that top button on that gray box in front of you” screams Jasmine. (“why did I pick Mo?”)

“I heard that”

Jasmine sniffing the air asks “What is that smell?  Mo, you didn’t?”

Mo stammers “well, I didn’t go before we went into the house.  It matches the rug, they won’t notice.”

(“what a bird brain and stinky too”)

“I heard that.”

Jasmine sighs again and says “lets go, you join the others and lead them out back.  I’l cross the road to get to John and Nancy’s mailbox.  Then we wait.

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