I’ve been away from my blog, lets see if this dinosaur can remember how to post.  This post will try to fill in what has been happening in my back yard these past many months.

I did something for Thanksgiving, that I haven’t done since my Ladies started laying eggs.  I BOUGHT EGGS at the supermarket.  After laying over 3,000 eggs my hens have cut way back on the number of eggs they are producing. Partly because they are getting older, it is getting colder, some are molting and the loss of Miny. Some days I’d get 1 or 2 eggs but most days I wouldn’t get any. My wife and I said from the beginning that the chickens were pets and we would keep and care for them even when they stopped laying eggs.  So we buy eggs.  I’ve forgotten how pale and tasteless the store bought eggs are.

Shortly after Miny went to that big farm in the sky, my son asked me if we would take in his girlfriends last chicken.  They had a pair of chickens for quite a while but only one returned to their coop after free-ranging one day. I said yes but if she didn’t integrate nicely he would get her back.  I had the “cottage” set up for Miny still, so Holly was put in there. She was separated from the other chickens by a wire fence.  They still tried to attack each other thru this fence. With colder nights coming we really needed to get Holly into the coop. So after a couple of weeks with the fence between them we started letting them out in the yard together. Holly was chased and pecked at a lot by all of the ladies.  She learned to keep her distance. This got better as time went by and one cold night Lil and I just put her in the coop with everybody else. They have worked out the pecking order, Holly is at the bottom. Mini is happy not to be at the bottom anymore. Actually she goes after Holly more than the rest. This is a bit comical because Holly is twice the size of Mini. When we first got Holly she was molting and not looking her best. She is now fully feathered and quite a good looking lady.   All of our chickens are fully feathered this winter GOOD THING because this has been quite a winter.  My son didn’t think Holly was laying eggs anymore when we got her. But  earlier this month (March) she started to lay eggs.  I can tell they are Holly eggs because they are a very light color, my flock all lay brown eggs.  Holly being the largest hen lays the smallest egg, go figure. With spring trying to get here and the days getting longer the ladies are producing more eggs and we haven’t had to buy any recently.  Now some pictures. Clicking on them makes them larger.


Holly, 12/29/15

Holly when she first arrived, molting.

Holly when she first arrived, molting. 10/21/15

I’m about 25 miles west of Boston MA.  We have had a lot of snow and very cold temperatures for us starting the end of January and still going.

1/20/15 Chicken by the corner of the house. Very little snow.

1/20/15 Chicken by the corner of the house. Very little snow.

2/9/15 Wrigley in front of slide and wood shed

2/9/15 Wrigley in front of slide and wood shed

2/15/15 Coop and runs picture taken from back deck

2/15/15 Coop and runs picture taken from back deck

3/19/15 Chickens out in pathway. Holly in front. Still too much snow.

3/19/15 Chickens out in pathway. Holly in front. Still too much snow.

My grandson is learning about 3-D printers at his high school.  Me, I remember the mimeograph machines from my high school. And we didn’t learn about them, maybe we got to turn the crank. Well, Alden made me a chicken with this 3-D printer.  Some days I’m more of a dinosaur than others.

Blue chicken by Alden

Blue chicken by Alden

With all of this snow I haven’t really started doing anything about my garden.



This post is not about my garden or my chickens but since it is my blog, I sometimes post other things.

I want to start with labels,titles, descriptions and the ways we are addressed in our lives.  I’ve had many and still have many.  One of my absolute favorites is “grampa”.   I have 8 grandkids, they are all smart, talented, obedient, good looking, polite and many more things.  OK! I’m biased, just a little.

When my first granddaughter was in kindergarten, I contacted her teacher to see if I could come to her class and do a “wood-sculpture” with the class. And so it started, last Friday I went to my grandson’s kindergarten class (he is number 6) and the class of twenty made their own “wood-sculpture”.  His teacher was very happy to have me come and knew what to expect since she had my granddaughter (number 5) three years before.

“Wood-sculpture” is what I call it.  Each kindergartner is given a 7 inch square piece of plywood and scrap wood pieces that they glue together to form what ever they want.  I love watching and helping in this project.  Watching their little minds, their imaginations and the skills they have now, to build, create and wonder is just fascinating.

Grayson and Grampa 5/10/13

Grayson and Grampa 5/10/13

Wood Sculpture 5/10/13

Wood Sculpture 5/10/13

I’m a cabinetmaker and a frugal yankee (more labels) using scrap plywood for this is a great form of recycling.  I can organize and deal with these twenty kids for an hour quite successfully, how teachers do it day after day  i do not know.  They have my admiration and respect for what they do.

I had a wonderful time.  Thank you for letting me visit your class.

Grayson’s Grampa

The 4 to 8 inches of snow turned into 17 INCHES OF HEAVY WET AND VERY STICKY SNOW.  It started snowing Wednesday afternoon and stopped late Friday afternoon.  “Red”, my snow-blower, had trouble going thru  this Friday.  The snow stuck to the auger blades and it was like trying to push a rolling pin thru the snow.  I quit, after fighting the machine against the snow, I was tired.  Did get most of the driveway cleared.

Saturday morning, “Red” worked beautifully, spitting that snow out like a watermelon-eating champion.  I think it was the slightly colder temperature making the snow much less sticky that did the trick.  9:00 am I’m done.

The sky was blue, the sun was strong and the melting had started with temperatures that soared. Felt like spring, didn’t look like it.  I let the ladies and Jack out, well, I opened the run door.  They didn’t exactly sprint out, more like scared chickens looking out at all that white stuff. Finally 3 of them did venture down the path.  They don’t like change and they really don’t like snow.  I’d like to tell them this is the last snow but mother nature has a sense of humor, so I dare not mention it.


animal tracks in the snow

animal tracks in the snow


Son, David, and three of my Grand-kids came over, so we had a snowball fight.  I lost.  Well, it was a tie.  It was fun.

Gabe, Grayson and Guen

Gabe, Grayson and Guen

So, I’m still looking for spring, this snow may delay it a bit.


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